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Ron's Valentine Card

Everyone knows a card means so much more when it's made with your own two hands. That’s why this year Ron decided to take the plunge and fabricate a little memento for his sweetheart. It would be the perfect Valentine gift.

However, as Ron isn’t much of a DIY type of guy, he wasn’t 100% sure on what to do. So he did what anyone in this day and age would: he googled it.

Over 3 million results. “Oh, so many options”, he thought. He clicked on a couple of links. One involved stamping hearts and tracing them. He thought the card looked nice and easy enough to make, but he didn’t have any heart-shaped stamps at home.

So he moved on to the next link. This one consisted of a nice big heart made out of several red-coloured buttons of all shapes and sizes. Ron decided this was not for him either. It’s not like he just had a huge supply of (mis)matched red buttons laying around in his flat. Next!

He smiled when he saw the next candidate for his Valentine gift. “Oh, this one I can do”, he believed excitedly. So he gathered his supplies, pressed play on the youtube video and started to follow the instructions.

He folded his paper nicely and drew a heart on the post-it. It wasn’t the nicest heart he had ever seen, but he figured it would do. He cut it out as well as he could, then used it as a stencil, as shown. “This is going well so far”, he assumed.

Next, the nice lady in the video started to mix the paint with some water, so he did the same. But now the results started to differ a bit more than expected. His perfect Valentine gift was not going as perfectly as he thought it would. The paint seemed to have a very different consistency. Also, the paper seemed to be… dissolving?

Ron was crushed. His perfect Valentine gift was ruined.


He re-watched the video closely now. He was supposed to have special water colour paper and, well, a water colour set. All he had at home was regular office paper and one set of those finger paint tubes his nieces forgot last time they came over. Sad.

What was he going to do now?

The way he saw it, he could go out, buy all the right supplies, come back home and try again, or… “I guess there is a reason people buy cards”, he thought to himself. So he clicked over to and was pleased to discover a new line of fantastic cards.