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Ingrid’s approach to furnishing a flat


Ingrid's approach to furnishing a flat

After all, an empty flat is a good excuse for a trip to Ikea, right?

The tenant agreement is complete. The lease is signed. Keys in hand, Ingrid opens the door to her new flat.

“It’s completely empty”, she thinks excitedly. “It’s just like a blank canvas I can fill however I want!” Ingrid’s mind is flooding with images of amazing dinner tables, designer sofas and statement cushions. She can’t wait to build a dreamy pinterest board for inspiration.

But then, it suddenly hits her. “It’s completely empty”, the voice in her head reminds her somberly. “It’s a lot of space and nothing to fill it with. Between deposits and moving, there is a limited budget for furniture.” Although a bit deflated, Ingrid decided to focus on the positive side. She would just have to get a little creative.

What do you think about this chair? It would bright up the living room, wouldn't it?

What do you think about this chair? It would bright up the living room, wouldn't it?

So, first things first: Ingrid measured every room in her new place. That way, she could make sure any furniture that got her eye would actually fit in the new place. The last thing she needed was a coffee table that was too big for her new living room!

Next up was making a list of what she really needed. So, obviously, she needed the basics: a bed, dining table and chairs, a sofa, some kitchen basics. She decided to take the “piece by piece” approach, so she could have a functioning flat as fast as possible. Bold décor statements could be decided later, without rushing.

The next decision was about budgeting. She tried to be smart about it. She decided to spend more money in more important items. For instance, she figured it was better to spend a considerable amount on a very good mattress, and save on the bed frame. She also hit some charity shops before even looking at any new items. It turns out she could find some amazing bargains! It was just a matter of time.

After hunting for nice second-hand items, she took a trip to Ikea. She made a day out of it. So many ideas for her new flat! So much stuff to see! She had loads of fun, although she was glad she had already found and bought several items. Otherwise, she probably would have spent almost her entire budget there!

Putting together flatpack furniture can be frustrating at times.

Putting together flatpack furniture can be frustrating at times.

The next few days were a blur of deliveries and trying to put furniture together. Oh, how she hated whoever it was that invented flat packs. It all was frustrating at times. But, when it was all done, Ingrid was very proud of herself. Her new home was ready for her to live in.

And although it already felt like her, she was missing those little personal details that make a home, like art on the walls and pictures in the shelves. Oh well. Not done quite yet. But now when Ingrid opened her front door, her blank canvas wasn’t so blank anymore.