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Ingrid Decorates Her Flat With A Little Help From Her Friends


Ingrid Decorates Her Flat

with a little help from her friends...

Between hunting for a new flat and furnishing it, Ingrid was a very busy bee. It’s not like she could take a break from the rest of her life just to get this done! It made her feel a little frustrated. She had so many ideas for decorating the space. She just didn’t have the time (or a big budget) to do much right now.

She got the basics done. She had all the furniture she needed, throw pillows that made her second-hand sofa look more inviting, a couple of mirrors on her walls, books and frames to fill her shelves. But she still had too many white boring walls for her tastes.

“I wish I could just paint one of the walls”, she thought. “That would be a nice touch. Too bad my landlord is not going to like that…”

Ingrid briefly considered a wall sticker, but decided against it. She found that beautiful, big ones were actually rather pricey. More importantly, it would be a challenge to actually get it exactly right on the wall by herself. 

She turned to pinterest for inspiration. And that’s when she decided what she really wants is a pretty wall gallery. She needs to put together a lovely mixture of prints, photographs and lettering illustrations, in a nice assortment of frames that are all different from each other but go together nicely. 

Ingrid realizes it will be a big long-term project. But that’s ok. She is not going to rush it. She will let the pictures and the frames come to her. She is going to hunt small art galleries, second-hand shops and flee markets for the next few months, until she finds the perfect collection.

So, deciding the flat was as ready as it was going to be in a while, she invited some of her friends over for a little get-together – consider it a house warming, if you will. That meant a trip to Lidl, which doesn’t fail to get her contemplating the size of the universe. This time, though, she decided to put her trust in the universe. She knows it will work its magic and the right pieces for her wall gallery will make their way to her living room soon enough. 

To her surprise, the universe responded that same day! You see, Ingrid’s friends brought her a little gift.: the perfect first piece for her wall. It was the very first Ruby Ruth print. She put it on her wall immediately. It was a very good start indeed.